Ganapathi Sachidananda
“Says MUSICAL NOTES have their effects on our body. Why? Because the tunes correspond to our nerves. The knowledge about this is called Ragini Vidya or Siddhi Vidya. When one hears the right kind of music, its effect on the body is therapeutic. The nerves can be touched with the help of music. In fact, so soothing is the outcome, it is as if the nerves are being given a massage.”
Lyrics: Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji
Singer(s): Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji

Amba Bhavani Sharade ListenDownload
Dattatreya Atreya PutraListenDownload
Indiresha Govinda ListenDownload
Jaya Jaya JnanaListenDownload
Mata Pitane Panduranga ListenDownload
Namah Parvati PatayeListenDownload
OmIti Brahma ListenDownload
Pahi Pahi GajananaListenDownload
Ramam Ramam ListenDownload
Vande MukundamListenDownload